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Ideal for growing your mushrooms.

Mushroom Substrates & Supplements provide the nutrition for your mushrooms to grow. It is the equivalent for mushrooms of good nutrient-rich soil for plants. Our mushroom supplements and substrates are of the highest quality and sourced from local farms and suppliers in the United States. sources our ingredients from the best USA suppliers, and we also are working presently on organic certifications for many of our ingredients.

For some varieties of mushrooms, you can grow them in just about anything. Our customers have tested and found that our substrates and various supplements provide optimum nutrition and supplementation for their farms. This means better looking and tasting mushrooms are the outcome, and often they see increased yields.

Put these quality supplies to work on your farm and see the difference in your production and mushroom crop quality right away.

100% Oak Mushroom Pellets (Free shipping)

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Our 100% Oak pellets are sourced naturally and have no added chemicals or oils. These oak pellets have been created specifically for the use as an ideal mushroom substrate. Assuring that these pellets are oil and chemical free, we assure that your ideal substrate is safe. Other products like heating pellets may contain many unknown contaminants. Your mushrooms are a creation of love and serious effort. Make sure that they are given the very best growth medium available.

Oak is an ideal growing substrate for most gourmet mushrooms. In pellet form, this versatile product makes preparing your substrate bags fast and efficient. Some common species of mushrooms that grow on oak mushroom pellets are Oyster, Chestnut, Shiitake, Enoki, Maitake, Beech and Lion's Mane.

Our pellets are ideal for use in supplementation and the raw oak wood we use is the same wood that goes into our popular Fast Fruiting Pellets which are 50% Oak and 50% Soy Hull Pellets. Oak is the preferred wood for many varieties of mushrooms. Oysters, Shiitake, Pioppini, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and more all seem to respond very well to oak sawdust.

You can supplement your oak pellets with nutrients on hand or also get some of our great soy hull pellets for the ideal mix, or masters mix of your own. Some growers find that they have a local source of some ingredients, but not the oak hardwood. We have made shipments as far as Hawaii to fulfill the needs of growers. (For shipments outside of the greater 48 please contact us)


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