Bulk Order Savings

Save on shipping and lower the cost of your entire order.

Growing your Mushroom Business? Save on shipping and get a quote ordering by the pallet. The single bag pricing reflects shipping costs. Those are much less when we ship by a truck fleet shipping company versus UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

We are happy those companies can help with single or small bag orders. To save the most on your order request a bulk quote. There is no cost for the quote, and the money you save on shipping brings the cost per bag down nicely.

Get a free quote today. We also ship Unicorn Bags by the pallet or with your substrate.

Fast Fruiting Mix (50% Oak/50% Soy)

Comes in 10 or 20 Pound Bags. Save on price per unit by ordering 40 pounds or more at a time. Maximum shipped in a single box is 40 pounds (2 x 20# bags). Save a bit more when you order 80 pounds, and save the most when ordering 120 pounds or more. These ship via Fedex Ground from our warehouse directly to the address your provide.

During shipping some pellets may break down a bit and be dustier than other varieties of pellets, but this just makes their use easier with a faster breakdown on your end.

For more helpful information on using the fast fruiting mix you can visit this page.


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