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Mushroom Bag Buddy - Substrate Bag - Carry, Close, and Pour - Close Bags & Easily Carry

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Carrying heavy pellet bags around just got easier! These giant bag clip’s unique design literally puts a handle on these problems and allows you to now carry, pour and store with ease. Our sturdy, yet comfortable handle makes it easy to grab, go and pour!

Reduce Spills.. Made of sturdy polypropylene plastic that will hold up, these giant bag clips are rated to carry 40 lbs. Bag storage just became a snap! You can then place the open bag in the jaws of the clip and snap shut! No need to fold down the bag.

The Mushroom Buddy is proudly manufactured in the USA and is made to last. Each Mushroom Buddy will provide great strength and long service use.

You can use them for pet food bags, feed bags, substrate bags for mushrooms, BBQ Pellets, and so much more.

Landscapers use these to close up and carry bags of seeds, and nutrients.

Pet Owners, and farmers trust these amazing bag buddy's for feed, bedding, and anything that comes in a bag.

2-packs, 6-packs, and 12-packs (and larger) available.

Custom Label Options available for orders as low as 12 Units. We can design and print your own custom labels.

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