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Ideal for growing your mushrooms.

Mushroom Substrates & Supplements provide the nutrition for your mushrooms to grow. It is the equivalent for mushrooms of good nutrient-rich soil for plants. Our mushroom supplements and substrates are of the highest quality and sourced from local farms and suppliers in the United States. sources our ingredients from the best USA suppliers, and we also are working presently on organic certifications for many of our ingredients.

For some varieties of mushrooms, you can grow them in just about anything. Our customers have tested and found that our substrates and various supplements provide optimum nutrition and supplementation for their farms. This means better looking and tasting mushrooms are the outcome, and often they see increased yields.

Put these quality supplies to work on your farm and see the difference in your production and mushroom crop quality right away.

Wheat Straw Pellets

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Wheat straw is an excellent substrate for low tech mushroom growing such as with lime pasteurization. Wheat straw provides the necessary nutrients for mushrooms to grow but not enough to promote competitive organisms and contamination. Wheat straw pellets are convenient and easy to use without the mess of preparing your wheat straw. Great for growing Oyster mushrooms with ease.

Straw pellets are a much easier way to use straw for many needs. For our mushroom growing clients who like to use straw as a base substrate ingredient, these pellets can make life easier. They are easier to weight, manage, move, and incorporate them into your process. If you prefer to use straw as a key ingredient you will find these pellets an excellent choice. Many report hours of labor saved, and a great reduction in the dust and mess of dealing with bail straw.

Others choose to use straw pellets for animal bedding for horses and other barn raised animals. We have customers that are using these pellets in many ways to make their lives easier. There are some that use the straw pellets to supplement certain animal feeds.

You will find that the breakdown of these pellets is very easy. They absorb water and other liquids quickly. In fact, many use straw pellets to deal with animal urine because of the high absorption rate of the pellets.

Conduct your own test with these superior straw pellets and see the results for yourself. You will be able to skip the chopping labor and many other stages of your current process by using these pellets. We have started to carry these pellets for those who choose to use straw over oak sawdust. It is always's goal to source the finest ingredients for all of our customer’s needs.

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