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Unicorn Bags Filter Sizes

A Filter is the most common filter. It is .5 micron is common for grow bags for Oyster Mushrooms and other common varieties.

T Filer patch is .2 microns which is the smallest for air flow but had the least chance of contamination.

B Filter patch is a 5 micron size which is a much higher air flow. Thought to be used more for Oyster mushrooms since they grow and colonize so much faster than an A filter.

Bag Sizes

XLSA – 10 lb to 13 lb growing blocks which are easier to shake and deal with for some growers.

14A-great for 5lb – 7lbs growing block.

3T – ideal for great for your grain blocks for spawn.

Injection Port Bags

3-T Injection Port bags are great for your grain bags when you use liquid culture.


Unicorn Mushroom Grow Bags are used to grow mushrooms in an indoor environment. These bags have an area with a filter that lets air in but blocks outside contaminants. The best mushroom grow bags are made by a company called Unicorn. These are the bags we carry. Each bag meets high quality standards for air flow, filtration and durability. They are designed to be autoclavable which means both heat and pressure treated.

The bags are built to tight size standards. This allows the mushroom grower or farmer to create growing blocks and sterilized grain bags that are ready for inoculation with your ideal mushroom varieties. The term gusseted refers to the way these bags are intended to be folded (by design). This allows the bags to be folded so they can lay flat for storage when full, and this bag design lends itself to multiple bags being placed in an autoclave or sterilizer. You would not want bulky blocks that were round or out of shape, they would be harder to store in your grow room, and much harder when trying to sterilize your spawn bags, or grow bags with your mushroom substrate.


Autoclavable just means that the bag is able to withstand the high temperatures of an autoclave,  sterilizer, or your favorite pressure cooker if you are just starting out. Make sure to keep the bags away from the metal sides of your equipment, or they will melt with the metal contact. Your autoclave will likely operate at 15PSI and 250 deg F. These bags are designed to withstand those stresses and hold up perfectly when properly used.


Polypropylene is the material these Unicorn Mushroom Grow Bags are made out of. Polypropylene is a “thermoplastic” which won’t melt unless temperatures are sustained between 266 to 340 °F. This allows for the sterilization process below that heat range at 15PSI for extended periods. You want to control the pressure of your autoclave, or other sterilizer to help you control the internal temperature as well.

Unicorn Filter Patch

The Unicorn Mushroom Grow Bags are special not only because of the material, design, and quality. Each bag is special because of the Unicorn Filter Patch on the bag. Depending on your use you will choose a filter patch that is built into the bag to control air flow. More airflow on bags for one part of the process, and less air flow on others. Controlling the airflow is a large part of what makes Unicorn Mushroom Grow Bags unique, and perfect for growing mushrooms.

Why order your Unicorn Mushroom Grow Bags  from MushroomMediaOnline.com?

We offer the most competitive price on bags when you buy in bulk. Our two part secret of low cost pricing is simple we purchase in bulk at a discount from Unicorn. Then we pass the savings along to our customers. Next we have decades of experience in bulk shipping and logistics. This means we use our knowledge and relationships to get your bags to you for a bulk order at substantial savings. Since shipping is a major expense on mushroom growing supplies this saves you more than any other seller.

Many sizes and bag types are available

While on this page view the many bag types available for purchase. We use the standard names from Unicorn Bags to help you find just what you are looking for. Make certain to order the bags that are right for your operation. Most mushroom farmers will order the Polypropylene (PP) bags because they are made to withstand the high temperatures of an autoclave.

The 14A is the most popular grow bag for both its large size for a mushroom grow block, and its bag filter size for proper airflow when working with wood-based substrates. Our second most popular bag is the 3T which has a finer filter which is ideal for grain spawn use to prevent contamination. Since every mushroom farm is unique we also carry many other sizes and even some specialty Unicorn Grow Bags. Many growers love the newer bags that come with injection ports on the bags. This helps those using liquid culture to create spawn bags with as little chance of contamination as possible.

Whatever bag you choose MushroomMediaOnline.com has the lowest prices, and fastest shipping in the industry. We work hard to keep our Unicorn Mushroom Grow Bags in stock and to ship them out lightning fast. When shipping in bulk your orders are often on the way within 48 hours.

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