Soy Hull Pellets


We offer the finest soy hull pellets on the market today. Our pellets are made by our Amish supplier, especially for mushroom production. We source our soy hulls from local farmers so they are fresh, then we press them into pellets to easier handling and use by mushroom farmers.

If you do not have a local source for soy hulls this is the perfect way to get your supply. We work hard to save you money on shipping which can be a major part of the cost of your pellets. By offering Soy Hulls in bulk we can ship for less, and bring the cost down on your mushroom production.

We do not have to tell you about the master’s mix (also what we call the Fast Fruiting mix). That is the ideal 50% oak hardwood, and 50% soy hull mix. The master’s mix is ideal for Oyster Mushroom production and also works great for Lion’s Mane and other varieties as well.

Soy Hulls and hardwood sawdust together provide all the mushrooms need to grow other than good airflow, temperature, and moister.  With the proper grow room set up people are reporting harvests that yield 2-3 times the amount per flush, and the mushrooms look and taste better. This means you can charge more per pound for all the mushrooms you sell.

As you scale and grow your mushroom farm you will find that the most precious thing you have is time. The less time you have to invest in producing the best mushrooms will mean increased profits, yields, and efficiency. When you combine that with modern marketing techniques you have an ultimate winning combination.

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