Thor Bagger Options

The 110V Thor Vacuum

Introducing the Thor Bagger Vacuum, the game-changer you’ve been waiting for in agricultural and industrial operations. Unique in its class, the Thor Bagger Vacuum is the only 110-volt bagger vacuum available in the market today. Don’t let its convenient power requirement fool you—this vacuum doesn’t compromise on performance. Engineered to be monstrously powerful, it’s your go-to solution for moving pellets, substrate, or grain spawn en masse with ease.

Imagine the hours you’ll reclaim each month, the effort you’ll conserve, and the energy you’ll save. Just like our renowned Thor Bagger, this vacuum is designed to streamline your workload and increase your productivity. Your time is valuable; why spend it on laborious tasks that can be simplified? The Thor Bagger Vacuum is more than just a machine—it’s an investment in the efficiency and growth of your farm and business.

Experience the unbeatable combination of power and convenience with the Thor Bagger Vacuum. Trust us, it’s a breath of fresh air in a world where you usually have to sacrifice one for the other. Get yours today and revolutionize the way you manage your operations.

A real timesaver. I hurt my back last year, and this saves me a ton of effort and stress.


Thor Mushroom Bagger – Build Your Own Bagger Kit

Introducing the Build-Your-Own Thor Mushroom Bagger Kit—your shortcut to unparalleled efficiency, now available with FedEx shipping for your convenience. If you’ve been eyeing the Thor Bagger experience but want to save without sacrificing quality, this component kit is your dream come true.

Included in this kit are the very same soil and water dispensing systems and cutting-edge electronics featured in our brand new Thor 3.0 bagger. Expect faster dispensing, minimal mess thanks to a no-dust puff design, and incredible flexibility with on-the-fly adjustments for total quantity and changing ratios. And let’s not forget the increase in reliability—our custom dispensing eliminates the need for low-reliability gate valves.

Get ready to skyrocket your productivity. You’ll complete your bagging tasks in a mere fraction of the time and with significantly less labor involved—about 4 to 6 seconds per bag for both solids and water. This newest, fully adjustable bagger offers unparalleled customization, allowing you to create blocks ranging from 5 to 12.5 pounds.

Say goodbye to the most labor-intensive part of your process and watch your production time plummet from hours to mere minutes. One of our customers, using the previous version of the Thor bagger, astonishingly filled 60 10-pound substrate bags in just 15 minutes—a task that would have otherwise taken him and a partner at least an hour or two. With the Thor Bagger Kit, a single individual can easily do the work of several.

Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your operations. Get your Build-Your-Own Thor Mushroom Bagger Kit today and step into a new era of productivity and efficiency.

Thor 3.0 is in stock!


Thor Mushroom Bagger

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This custom built substrate bagger is made by mushroom farmers for mushroom farmers. Save thousands over the commercial equivalents and put that money back into your business.

Finally, an affordable and strong substrate bagger. Until now the only options were industrial products that were metal, and very expensive. Now thanks to creative and talented minds you have the substrate bagging system made for growers by growers.
You can get your bagging done in a fraction of the time and with much less labor (about 6 seconds per bag for both solids and water). If you have a growing mushroom farm you know how much time is spent filling your grow bags with your ideal substrate mix. Now with this model lovingly referred to as Thor, even the growing farmer can scale their operation affordably. Thor has 2 separate hoppers to allow you to control the substrate you make.
$2,500 plus delivery for this amazing time-saving tool. This will fit through standard doorways, and ship on a single pallet.
This is the newest, fully-adjustable bagger that allows you to make anywhere between 5# and 12.5# blocks.


Take out the most labor intensive part of your process. Reduce production time from hours to minutes.

Using the previous version of the Thor bagger, our customer demonstrates how he filled 60 10lb substrate bags in just 15 minutes. Something that would have taken at least 1-2 hours before depending on how hard he pushed himself and a partner. With Thor a single individual can do the work of several.