All American

The All American Pressure Canners, Sterilizers, and Pressure Cookers are the finest of the kind on the market. Whether you are using one for the purposes of sterilization for growing mushrooms, or you are using them for canning and long-term food storage these are the best available.

You can choose the stovetop models or electric models. Each All American Pressure product will provide you with many years of service with proper care and use.

The difference between the All American and other products is the pressure vessel. The canners and sterilizers are just made to a higher standard.

Want a great article review of the All American we recommend this article from our friends at Backwoods Home Magazine.

The article provides a great deal of information that you may find helpful.

IE: I find the best thing about this canner is its incorporation of a dial gauge and a weighted gauge. All American canners are weighted gauge canners (they regulate pressure by a special weight on the valve instead of by manual heat adjustment). With this system, you are able to successfully leave your canner on a lower heat setting and it will regulate the pressure for you.

I just enjoy the writing of the folks over at Backwoods Home and always have.

More thoughts on the All American Canner.

If you are buying the All American to sterilize grain spawn consider how many quart jars the largest unit can hold. 

19-quart jars are very good if you are in heavy production mode already. That is the size of Model #941. If the budget does not allow for the big unit right now you can choose Model #921 which can hold 7-quart jars at a time.

If you are using these to sterilize substrate in Unicorn Bags then you will want to go for the #941 for as much space as possible.

From the manufacturer’s website.

Please Note: All American Pressure Canners are not recommended for use on glass top/ flat ranges without first checking with your stove manufacturer because their weight may cause the glass/ceramic to break. The 930 and 941 models are heavy and could cause damage to your range. The 910 and 915 models are not recommended for canning SMOKED fish as the size of these canners does not allow for adequate heating and cooling times. The diameter of the canners are larger than most burners and may cause heat to transfer outward and damage the surrounding surface. All American Pressure Canners are intended and manufactured solely for home use applications. they are not intended for commercial applications.