Sometimes it is hard to find lab supplies when you are small and just starting out. Also, locating a place to purchase all of them at one time can be near impossible.

Well, Amazon has much of what you may want or need if you know where to look.

This page will just link to many lab-related products you may want to find, or need.

Controlling airflow and preventing cross-contamination is serious for your lab.

If you are scaling up you may want to consider cleanroom curtains to help keep things clean and separate.

  • ✅ Energy Cost Savings – The thickness and insulation that PVC strip curtains provide will effectively keep the chilled or heated air contained and your electricity and gas bills will be significantly less. Strip door curtains are also effective in maintaining airflow for particular locations within a building where temperatures may fluctuate, such as welding areas or freezers.
  • ✅Reduce Noise, Dust and Contaminants – Day-to-day life in any building can be distracting, Forklifts move about the facility and loud machinery runs constantly. While you cannot eliminate these loud noises entirely, you can reduce noise levels in designated areas of your facility by installing Acepunch PVC Strip Curtain. Strip door curtains can eliminate contaminants from entering a specific space.
  • ✅Create Department Areas – Strip door curtains can be used not only produce more fruitful work from employees but also to create specific departments within the facility. For example, the production team can be assigned to one section of the building, while the office workers can work in another.
  • ✅Create Easy Access – Sometimes, you need to gain access to a specific area. Instead of installing multiple walls and doorways, you can simply use strip door curtains. These will provide the privacy desired from room to room, yet still, allow forklifts or other machinery to enter as needed.
  • ✅Amazing Material – PVC is widely known to be one of the most durable of its kind. It’s very versatile and it can last long and doesn’t require extensive maintenance routine.

When you are using your own liquid cultures you need a good source of these.

  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE SYRINGES x 10 – 10cc capacity, luer lock connector make the needle will not fall off.
  • 1.5” LUER LOCK NEEDLES x 10 – 14 Gauge stainless steel flat tip needle, max inner diameter.
  • STORAGE CAPS x 10 – High quality industrial grade luer lock connector, perfect for storage.
  • SILICONE NEEDLE ENDS x 10 – Soft silicon caps can protect you not to be hurt, no need to take off the needle, more convenient to store liquid in the syringe for future using.
  • BLUNT NEEDLE – Not for medical, industrial use only.

Parafilm M to self seal your injection locations

Brand Name Parafilm M
Color Semi-Transparent
Height 5.0 inches
Included Components 2 roll of PM992 ParafilmĀ® M All-Purpose Laboratory Film in cardboard dispenser
Item Diameter 5.0 inches
Item Shape Round
Item Thickness 2.0 inches
Item Weight 1.10 pounds