Mushroom Mike from Southwest Mushrooms shares how he makes his mushroom grow bags with some of our substrate ingredients.

This is an outstanding video where Mike breaks everything down for you. Amazing video and helpful information for all mushroom farmers.

We are proud to have partnered with Mike as his business has grown and scaled over the last few years. He is a great representative for the industry, and someone who thinks through his systems and processes.

Discover how you can grow and scale your mushroom bagging oporations. Everytime you improve your efficiency you can increase your profits.

At MushroomMediaOnline we focus on our part of the efficiency in your business. Our part is logistics. Helping you find the best growing substrates, bags, and tools to help your business grow and scale.

We also offer marketing and online sales support with mushroom websites and more.

If you want to learn to grow and scale a mushroom business we can help. It feels great to know people like Mike from Southwest who are also sharing parts of their process and business. Giving back to others by showing them the way is amazing.