The Magic of Unicorn Grow Bags for Mushroom Cultivation: Sizes, Filters and Injection Ports Explored

The mushroom farming industry has experienced a significant evolution in recent years, with technological advancements facilitating more efficient, productive, and eco-friendly cultivation techniques. One such innovation that has drastically improved the mushroom growing process is the use of grow bags. Specifically, Unicorn Grow Bags have become increasingly popular for their robustness, reliability, and versatility. Today, we’re going to delve into the world of Unicorn Grow Bags and why they are a favorite among mushroom farmers. We’ll discuss their filter types, popular sizes, and the convenience offered by injection port bags.


Unicorn Grow Bags: An Overview


Unicorn Grow Bags are specially designed polypropylene bags that offer a sterile environment for growing a range of mushrooms, including gourmet varieties like Oyster and Shiitake. They come with different filter sizes, depending on the type of mushroom being cultivated, and their growth and colonization rates.


Understanding Unicorn Bag Filters


Filter patches in Unicorn Bags play an essential role in ensuring adequate gas exchange while preventing contamination. They come in various sizes, the choice of which depends on the mushroom species you are growing.

1. A Filter: This is the most common filter used, with a size of 0.5 microns. It’s highly suited for Oyster Mushrooms and other similar varieties due to its optimal balance of air flow and contamination prevention.

2. T Filter: With a size of 0.2 microns, the T filter patch is the smallest available. It provides the least air flow, making it perfect for more delicate species or those more susceptible to contamination.

3. B Filter: On the other end of the spectrum is the B Filter patch, which has a size of 5 microns. It allows a significantly higher air flow, making it ideal for Oyster mushrooms, which grow and colonize faster than other species.


The Perfect Size: Unicorn Bag Sizes


The size of the Unicorn Bag used will vary based on your specific growing needs.

1. XLSA: These bags are great for 10 lb to 13 lb growing blocks. They are easier to shake and manage for some growers, especially if space is a constraint.

2. 14A: This size is optimal for smaller 5-7lbs growing blocks. This is an excellent choice for smaller-scale growers or for those who are just starting their mushroom cultivation journey.

3.3T: These bags are ideal for your grain blocks for spawn. Grain spawn is the mycelium of the mushroom grown out on grain, which is later used to inoculate larger substrates.

Inoculation Made Easy: Unicorn Injection Port Bags

For mushroom farmers who prefer using liquid culture to create their grain spawn, the 3-T Injection Port bags are a godsend. The port allows for easy, sterile injections of liquid culture directly into the bag without having to open it and risk contamination. This feature makes it a lot easier to inoculate your grain spawn bags, which you can then use to inoculate your fruiting blocks.

Unicorn Grow Bags have revolutionized the mushroom cultivation industry with their advanced features, customizable options, and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned mushroom farmer or a beginner looking to start your mushroom growing journey, understanding the various sizes, filters, and special features of Unicorn Bags can make your cultivation experience a lot smoother and more fruitful.

Remember that choosing the right bag for your needs is crucial. It can influence your mushroom yield, growth speed, and the overall success of your farm. By considering your mushroom species, growth conditions, and the scale of your operations, you can make the best decision for your farm and enjoy the bountiful benefits of this fantastic line of grow bags.