This is a new model of flow hood now available on Amazon.

It is too early to have a great deal of feedback but it is nice to see more options entering the market.

As you know a Laminar flow hood is the next step for someone’s mushroom growing operation often after a still air box or tub.

More about this unit:

  • Application: Provide class 100 cleanliness area, used in a wide array of applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, manufacturing, and scientific research fields.
  • HEPA Air Filter: Ensures that the work surface is constantly flooded with HEPA-filtered air in a laminar flow. The filter can trap 99.999% of particles with a diameter greater than and less than 0.3 microns.
  • Airflow velocity: The airflow velocity through the filter can be set in three-speed. The average airflow velocity through the filter is 0.45-0.60 m/s.
  • Air volume: 800m³/H The airflow is oriented to exhaust airborne particulate introduced by the user.
  • Main material: Aluminium Blade/Copper Motor {Making the clean bench more durable and lower vibration and noise.}
5.0 out of 5 stars Great flow hood for the price

Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2020

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Again this is a new product with just 2 five star reviews and one written review. We would love to hear the feedback from those that purchase this item so we can pass it along.

Now prior to this model you could also find another flow hood on Amazon but depending on the supplier and model the other model had some spotty feedback.

Amazon Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Works good

Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2020

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The previous model had these specs:

Product features

  • Based on actual usage, periodically remove the primary filter cleaning, the cleaning cycle is generally 3-6 months.
  • When the early effect of the normal exchange or clean the filter air filter, still can not achieve the desired cross-section wind speed then adjust the fan voltage, and thus achieve the desired uniform wind speed.
  • Generally, when the fan operating voltage adjustment to the highest point in the use of eighteen, still can not achieve the desired wind speed, description of the filter on the high-efficiency filter dust too much (filter kong has basically stuck to timely update) general efficiency air filter uses a period of eighteen months.
  • Replacement of high-efficiency air filters, should pay attention to the correctness of the model dimensions arrow wind devices, and pay attention to the peripheral sealing of the filter is absolutely no leakage occurs.
  • Package Include: 1*main body 1*users manual shipping from the USA only needs 2-5 days delivery

Product description

Model: VD-650
Cleanliness: Class 100(Fed 209E)
No.of Colony: Dish(90) H
Air Velocity: 0.25-0.45m/s(Adjustable)
Noise: ≤62dB(A)
Half peak vibration: ≤0.5Um(x,y,z Direction)
Lllumniation; ≥300Lx
Power Supply: AC 110V/60Hz
Maximum Power: 200W
Weight: 50kg
Working Dimensions; 500X480X450
Oerall Dimension: 650X550X850
For Persons: Single /sided
Size&No. of HEPA: 480X460X38
Size &No. of Light or UV Lamp: 10WX10W

Package Include:
1*main body
1*users manual