Straw Pellets

Our Straw Pellets

Yes, we now have straw pellets in stock and available. As part of’s commitment to sourcing the best mushroom growing supplies online. We now have the best straw pellets in the business.

These pellets are not just for growing mushrooms, however, as they offer many uses around the farm.

Almost any type of mushroom will grow on straw but some may require different supplements to be added to make them grow better. We also offer many of the popular supplements as well. If you need a cleaner easy to use source of straw, this is the one for you.

We can use these as a substrate ingredient and make using straw easier than ever before. No more chopping and prepping straw. Also, for some customers, a reliable source of straw may not be in your area.

What is even more fun for some customers is the ease of use for animal bedding and great straw for all of your needs? Since these are highly compressed pellets, you can get a ton of straw where you want it and need it easier than ever before.

This is just one of our new products this month, and in our next blog post, we will talk about Coco Choir.

In these photos, you can see the straw in use with some customers, and their goat’s appreciation of the new Bag Buddys.

Bag Buddys help you move around, seal, carry and deal with large bags of supplies better than ever before.